Barber & Beauty Shop Behavioral Health


Project Goals

Destigmatize Mental Health: Challenge and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health conversations and services within community contexts.

Enhance Accessibility: Make behavioral health support more accessible by utilizing trusted community spaces, such as barber and beauty shops.

Foster Community Wellness: Promote holistic well-being by providing a supportive environment that encourages emotional and mental health conversations and interventions.

Leverage Trusted Relationships: Utilize the unique relationships and environments of barber and beauty shops to facilitate open, supportive discussions around mental health.

Build Capacity: Empower barbers and beauticians with the tools and knowledge to act as credible messengers for mental health and wellness within their communities.

Promote Early Intervention: Encourage early detection and intervention for mental health concerns by providing resources and support in accessible, non-clinical settings.

Strengthen Support Networks: Cultivate stronger community support networks through increased awareness and shared experiences, reinforcing a collective approach to mental health and resilience.