Barber & Beauty Shop Behavioral Health



Our “WHY” is rooted in the belief that community spaces, like barber and beauty shops, are not just places for physical transformation but also vital hubs for emotional and mental support. The Northwest Credible Messenger initiative recognizes the unique position these establishments hold within our communities—they are trusted spaces where people come not only to look their best but also to share, connect, and find solace among familiar faces. Through integrating behavioral health services into these settings, we aim to destigmatize mental health support, making it more accessible and embedded within the fabric of daily life. Our project leverages the natural flow of conversation and the deep bonds formed in these spaces to encourage wellness, resilience, and healing, reflecting our commitment to fostering a community where support is seamlessly interwoven into everyday interactions. This is our way of strengthening communities from the inside out, promoting holistic well-being in environments already rich with trust and camaraderie.