Demetria Hawkins

Support Project Manager

Demetria is a Project Manager with Northwest Credible Messenger. With a focus on youth empowerment and capacity building for community leaders, she uses the power of UX research to identify barriers and addresses them through a human-centered lens that leads to meaningful change.

Drawing from her professional background in community engagement, and being a mother, Demetria combines her education, and real-world experiences, to guide her work. She has done this through work as a community liaison addressing adult mental health, care coordination working with children and families to navigate the healthcare system and as a UX Researcher to tackle food insecurity for refugees. Her “WHY” is to provide solutions to systemic barriers through action, in hopes of providing equitable outcomes for the next generation.

With her expertise, empathy, and interactive approach, Demetria provokes conversations that challenge the status quo and foster equity within marginalized communities. She is a versatile peer who is passionate about making a lasting impact and creating positive change.