Frankie Roe

Board Member

Frankie Roe is a six-time author, career coach, professional development trainer, publishing consultant, and innovative thinker. She founded the Young Urban Authors program in 2010 and has successfully published 29 hard to serve youth, in three distinctive underserved neighborhoods in the Seattle area.

Frankie has a sincere desire to reduce recidivism by helping individuals discover their gifts and creating opportunities that match their natural abilities. Her purpose is to help men and women recovering from active addiction and returning citizens use their gifts as a guide to find fulfillment and purpose.

Frankie has worked in the social services sector for over 10 years and has served hundreds of men, women, and teens. She inspired and pushed them to accomplish goals and start careers they never envisioned for themselves.

The opportunity to continue to serve the community in solidarity with Credible Messengers is a beautifully written next chapter in this book called life. She believes in shattering stereotypes and breaking down systems of oppression; one person and one community at a time.