Luther Leonard

Peer Credible Messenger

“As a creative I know that innovation breeds progress, and a ‘trust in the process'”.

Luther is a dynamic Seattleite, former scholarship QB at UW who finished with a Bachelor’s in Communications and a minor in business in 2012.  However, after graduation, Luther found himself serving 2 years in the Justice System. With this misstep Luther took the time to study the socioeconomic conditions that create the systems that impact his community and vowed to become a change agent. 

After arming himself with this knowledge and understanding, Luther began the work of using his natural leadership abilities and communication skills as a creative impresario to produce different forms of media that will amplify and elevate Black and Brown marginalized voices.

As an athlete Luther understands the power of play, unity and teamwork; and the possibilities it can create to incite change within a culture. As a credible messenger Luthers goal is to shift systematic narratives from inequality to equity fully committed to restorative Justice.