Patricia Rangel

Board Member

Patricia J Rangel is a storyteller, designer, and educator. As a child of two Colombian immigrants, she is one of the only members of her extended family to be born and raised in the United States. She is the first member of her immediate family to attend university and graduate school. She earned a bachelor’s in business administration from the University of Notre Dame and her master’s in teaching from the University of Portland.

In 2012 she received an administrative certificate from the University of Washington’s Danforth Educational Leadership Program. Her twenty-four-year career as an educator culminated as an assistant principal within Seattle Public School. However, throughout that entire time, she taught everything from pre-school to graduate school in places as far-reaching as Birmingham, Alabama to Fremantle, Australia.

Throughout her travels, she encountered students and colleagues that inspired her vision of education and community development in profound ways. She is now commencing a second career pursuing a master’s in architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her goal is to gain skills to bring greater equity and inclusiveness into the built environment.

Her admiration for the work of Credible Messengers and the transformative nature of empowering those that are involved in its movement is a motivating force to integrate her past and future professions. Its model of building capacity and uplifting black and brown leadership through positive youth justice is critical to then offering society a wider swath of leaders, innovators, and contributors to various professions and institutions.