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Empathy, Healing, and Science

An Approach Based on Transformative Justice

Our primary goal is to make connections with young people, who without support would be headed into or further into the system, the penitentiary or the graveyard. Connections are the what, what we will be doing is serving our young people and introducing them to needs based experiential options, and the connection to the young people is our WHY… through that relationship, workshops, and our what, we hope to produce a result that we have not seen previously with our young people.

Positive Youth Justice

Relationships produce results. Strengthening connections to young people is the secret sauce for unleashing their leadership from within.

Evidence-Based Practice

It’s not about theory but application that translates to cultural relevance for us when it comes to evidence-based practice.

Healing-Centered Engagement

A healing centered approach to addressing trauma requires a different question that moves beyond “what happened to you” to “what’s right with you” and views those exposed to trauma as agents in the creation of their own well-being rather than victims of traumatic events.

Evidence-Based Principles

True justice is actually an act and application of love in the public sector (systems). Love, language and the opportunity to continue to define what love looks like in our communities and systems is our #1 focus as Credible Messenger.

The Credible Messenger Movement

Become A Force For Transformation

“I am a 22 year old son, brother, Credible Messenger, advocate of the less fortunate and Executive Director of GBHU. As a kid, I recall aspiring to be in the NFL, but the reality of financial instability, gangs and drug abuse interrupted those aspirations.

My resiliency became my “WHY.” I seen my Dad overcome the struggle and transform, that was POWERful motivation and an opportunity to follow in his footsteps.”

– Monk Tupai


“We are grateful to be apart of such an impactful process. To understand their struggles and their endeavors is one thing but to relate is a whole another ball game! It gives us the opportunity as peer leaders to act as a guiding light for our youth.
If not for them, then who?” 🙏🏽

– Bailey Tupai