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Community Feedback

On November 9-12, 2020 Northwest Credible Messengers provided training to the DRC Walk About Yakima Program.

They traveled to our area within a few weeks of our request. Their responsiveness was amazing! I was so impressed by their willingness to show up for us. But I was not prepared for the quality of training they provided.

They came prepared with four trainers, including two affiliated with Northwest Credible Messengers. I feel it was sensitive of the NWCM team to respond to our request with practitioners from the East side of the state. The training was excellent. My team was blown away. They provided my team with applied skills that we practiced during training, in keeping with an experiential learning framework.

They were sensitive to the needs of my staff and shared practical, applied techniques which they helped us to practice and drill. These skills included: client intake, keeping contact notes, preparing group sessions, planning and documenting sessions, motivational interviewing techniques, how to manage circle process, and much more.

They helped to guide conversation among the members of my team that enabled us to grow in relationship together. We created a group covenant, based on the values we collectively identified in a values-identification process they facilitated. They articulated numerous “soft skills” as well, including how to model appropriate boundaries and communication with youth participants.

In addition to this training that is by far the very best training we have received to date, they provided us with a curriculum that includes dozens of lesson plans and templates for managing case notes and youth goals. They provided each of us with three resources, including a conceptual framework for positive youth justice.
They even provided circle-keeper gear to my team. We were touched by their deep care for our team and our community.

I want to endorse Northwest Credible Messengers, and their training. As a professional trainer myself, I am impressed by their preparation, the quality of their presentation, and the way they have mobilized lived experience. They related not only to administrative staff like me, but also, and especially, with our Mentors.
I am excited to continue working with Northwest Credible Messengers, they have provided exceptional value to our team as we embark on such meaningful and challenging work.


Sarah Augustine