Khalia Williams-O’Neal

Project Manager

Khalia Williams-O’Neal graduated from Seattle University with a degree in Communication and Media with a Specialization in Journalism, and a minor in Criminal Justice.

Motivated by storytelling, Khalia is passionate about empowering the voices of those historically silenced. As an Educational Program lead, Khalia led videography projects with elementary age youth to create documentaries from their perspectives. As a Program Manager at Evergreen Goodwill of Seattle, she led DEI trainings for employers in Maritime welcoming youth from under-resourced communities to their workplace. Now at Northwest Credible Messenger, Khalia leads the Healthy Masculinity Curriculum Project to empower the voice of BIPOC youth to discuss the impacts of media, culture, and relationships in defining the future of masculinity for our communities.

Throughout her work, Khalia is focused on uplifting youth voice to expand opportunities for well-being, empowerment, and success.